Useful Websites (Information & Resources about Covid-19)

Name of the Website/ Organisation: Official Updates Coronavirus | COVID-19 in India |

Description: Official Public Service Announcement on Coronavirus from the Government. Learn about Symptoms, Prevention, Travel Advisory and common FAQs on Coronavirus. Learn about Coronavirus.


Name of the Website/ Organisation:

Description: Coronavirus(COVID-19) updates on cases, treatments, vaccines, & cure. Latest government advisories & helpline number to prevent COVID-19 infection.


Name of the Website/ Organisation: Corona Tracker

Description: is a community-based project powered by over 460 volunteers from across the globe, ranging from data scientists, medical professionals, UI/UX designers, fullstack developers, to the general public.

It acts as a portal for the public to keep track of the latest news development about the COVID-19, alongside collecting data for further analysis. All the contents are handpicked, filtered, and curated by volunteers to our best extent to ensure that sources are reliable with minimal hoaxes and fake news, in the best benefit of the public.


Name of the Website/ Organisation: India (COVID-19) Dashboard by Zoho

Description: In the wake of the current global health crisis, it becomes vital for us to have accurate data, in order to make informed decisions and take precautionary measures.

Zoho has collected data from reliable sources and created these dashboards using Zoho Analytics.


Name of the Website/ Organisation: All you need to know about Corona Virus in India0 UNICEF India

Description: Latest information about Covid-19 from UNICEF India. This contains information about what is Covid-19, advisories, latest news, etc


Name of the Website/ Organisation: COVID-19 India Resource Center by FETP Network - India

Description: Covid-19 Dashboard, Latest News & Updates, Resources, etc