Direct Aid Program (DAP) – Mumbai (Deadline- October 12, 2020)

Title: Direct Aid Program (DAP) – Mumbai
Organisation: Australian Consulate-General Mumbai, India
Theme: Economic & Social Empowerment of women & girls, WASH, Covid-19 relief, etc
Description: The Australian Consulate-General invites high quality applications that will support development and strengthen communities in Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra across all sectors. While we always seek a diversity of projects, this year we are especially looking for projects that will support development through: - Economic and social empowerment of women and girls - Water management, sanitation and hygiene - COVID relief and other areas impacted by the pandemic (such as livelihood, health etc) - Education Regardless of the type of project, all applicants should consider the impact of the project on women, children or other disadvantaged groups, such as people with disabilities. Projects should be self-sustainable beyond the term of the grant."
Eligibility: NGOs with FCRA can apply for this funding
Grant Amount: upto INR 10 Lakhs
Apply by: October 12, 2020
Weblink: Direct Aid Program (DAP) – Mumbai


Call for Proposal from European Commission- Enhancing Civil Society Organisations’ Capacities in Response to COVID-19 in India (Deadline- September 01, 2020)

Title: Call for Proposal- Enhancing Civil Society Organisations' Capacities in Response to COVID-19 in India
Organisation: European Commission
Theme: Covid-19
Description: The specific objective(s) of this call for proposals is to strengthen the capacity and engagement of CSOs to mitigate and build resilience of the most vulnerable segments of society to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, through ensuring access to public entitlements, social protection, promotion of skills and employment and advocating public policies.
Eligibility: NGOs with FCRA can apply for this grant
Grant Amount: Minimum amount: EUR 1,000,000; Maximum amount: EUR 2,000,000
Apply by: September 01, 2020
Weblink: European Commission 


53 Free Non-profit Webinars for May 2020 from Wild Apricot

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how the world functions, and the nonprofit sector is no exception.

Organizations are looking for ways to fundraise while adhering to social distancing regulations, staff are working remotely and events are being cancelled across the globe.

In this challenging time, it’s more important than ever for us to come together and share knowledge and resources. The webinars below cover everything your nonprofit needs to know about how to weather the COVID-19 storm and what the nonprofit sector will look like once the pandemic is over.

Topics in this month’s (May 2020) roundup include crowdfunding, online fundraising, virtual events, social media, fundraising plans, budgeting, board management, donor retention, volunteer management and much more.

Link: 53 Free Non-profit Webinars for May 2020 from Wild Apricot