COVID-19 Small Grants Program from U.S. Mission to India

Title: COVID-19 Small Grants Program
Organisation: U.S. Mission to India
Theme: Covid-19
Description: Projects may include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Support accurate and authentic public messaging on COVID-19 topics to combat misinformation
- Help and build capacity of local NGOs to engage communities in virtual/online conversations
- Encourage academic and R&D institutions, business associations, and NGOs to either forge new partnerships with U.S. institutions and organisations, or further strengthen and expand existing ones, for intensive collaboration in innovation, entrepreneurship, business development, and public-private partnership in order to advance new public health solutions
- Organise capacity-building workshops, mentoring programs, and webinars for start-ups and innovators working in the field of COVID-19
-Other project ideas that promote U.S.-India cooperation in combating COVID-19.
Eligibility: NGOs with FCRA from India can apply for this grant
Grant Amount: Maximum grant amount- USD 100,000
Apply by: September 30, 2020
Weblink: U.S. Mission to India