Call for proposal- Global youth take action- from Youth for Water and Climate (Deadline- June 07, 2020)

Title: Global youth take action
Organisation: Youth for Water and Climate
Theme: Covid-19; Water & health, water & agriculture, water-related risks, and water sharing
Description: This call for proposal has been designed to identify, encourage, and support youth engagement related to water management and climate change adaptation in the current global pandemic context. More specifically this call for proposals aims to support initiatives regarding water & health, water & agriculture, water-related risks, and water sharing
Eligibility: The project must be conceived, led and implemented by youth aged between 18 and 35; - Youth participation must be included across all aspects of the project. - Projects must have a direct local impact on vulnerable communities; - Can be a new or ongoing project
Grant Amount: Upto Euro 3500 per project
Apply by: June 07, 2020

Call for Application from UNCDF: Inclusive Innovations for driving financial health of Low- and Moderate-Income Segments and Small Business (Deadline- August 30, 2020)

Title: Call for Application: Inclusive Innovations for driving financial health of Low- and Moderate-Income Segments and Small Business
Organisation: UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
Theme: Inclusive Innovations for driving financial health
Description: The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) supports the development of new use-cases, products or business models that could drive outcomes around financial health/financial resilience that can be digitally enabled for segments currently left behind, such as smallholder farmers, women, youth, migrants, informal and formal workers, micro enterprises and other vulnerable segments in the low- and moderate-income groups across markets in Asia Region, that includes Malaysia, China, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
Eligibility: UNDF invites banks, financial intermediaries, microfinance institutions, insurance companies technology companies and other firms registered anywhere across the globe to apply and those willing to enter or already on ground in one of the above markets with a solution that is focused on driving financial health of any low and moderate income segment (includes small business).
Grant Amount: Range from 50,000 to 250,000 USD
Apply by: August 30, 2020
Weblink: UNCDF Website 


Latest Covid-19 Funding Opportunities for NGOs in India (Posted Today- May 20, 2020)

Grant Round for Crisis Lines Responding to Covid-19 from Twilio (Deadline- June 05, 2020)

Title: Covid-10 Crisis Line Grant Round
Organisation: Twilio 
Theme: Covid-19
Description: is committing $2 million in grant funding for organizations that operate crisis lines for people impacted by COVID-19. We want to help nonprofits and NGOs build and scale the next generation of crisis support services. If you work on a hotline or helpline that supports people in crisis as a result of COVID-19, Twilio encourage you to apply for a grant.
Eligibility: Twilio accept grant proposals from organizations based anywhere in the world. NGOs from India can apply for this grant
Grant Amount: Up to a maximum of $150,000 for activities covering a period of up to 12 months
Apply by: June 05, 2020
Weblink: Twilio' Covid-10 Crisis Line Grant Round


Coping with Covid-19 in Vulnerable Communities- Funding from The BESTSELLER FOUNDATION

Title: Coping with Covid-19 in Vulnerable Communities
Description: The BESTSELLER FOUNDATION is committing USD 250,000 to fund several specific initiatives seeking funding up to USD 10,000, which address the challenges that vulnerable communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and *India* are facing in the wake of COVID-19. The commitment is targeted individuals and organizations deploying direct interventions and community-led mobilization to minimize the spread of the virus and build resilience in urban informal settlements that otherwise can be difficult to reach.
Eligibility: Individuals and Organisations from India can apply for this grant
Grant Amount: Upto USD 10,000 per initiative
Apply by: No deadline. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please send your proposal to with the subject line “Proposal for coping with COVID-19 in vulnerable communities”
Weblink: Information Brochure from THE BESTSELLER FOUNDATION