Adani Foundation Grant-Funds for Innovative CSR Projects (Deadline- July 14, 2020)

Title: Adani Foundation Grant-Funds for Innovative CSR Projects
Organisation: Adani Foundation
Theme: Innovative CSR Projects
Description: GCSRA-Adani Foundation Grant Funds for Innovative CSR projects will recognize potential ideas, which shall be solicited from PSUs/Corporates/NGOs on ideating for scalable & replicable CSR projects, and which will, in turn, help the State of Gujarat address some of its key human development challenges; and could also be considered by GCSRA for assistance on pilot implementation, either on technical or on financial aspects.
A total of 4 projects shall be shortlisted for support and implementation by GCSRA and Adani Foundation on the following thrust areas:
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Health and Nutrition
Natural Resource Management
Agriculture and Livelihoods
The project implementation will be on PPP model. For each project, GCSRA will contribute 25% of the overall budgeted cost while 25% shall be contributed by the Adani Foundation. The remaining 50% of the overall project cost shall be either borne by the applicant or sourced from other funding sources

NGOs/CSOs can apply for the grant only through their Corporate/PSU partners. "
Eligibility: PSUs/Corporates/NGOs can apply for this grant. The location of the project should preferably be in one of the backward
blocks of Gujarat (refer Cowlagi Committee Report). Preference will be given to projects proposed at locations where the company is not working on any existing interventions
Grant Amount: The ideal project value for each project shall preferably be 25-50 lakhs (Overall project budget)
Apply by: July 14, 2020