Stories of Change- Case Study Challenge 2020-21 (Deadline- April 30, 2021)

Title: Stories of Change- Case Study Challenge 2020-21
Organisation: Azim Premji University
Theme: Stories of Change, Covid-19
Description: "Third edition of Stories of Change initiative to social actions in response to Covid-19. It will be organized around the following sub-themes, relating to the response to widespread critical needs. These are
- Humanitarian response to specific communities in rural, urban and forest areas
- Healthcare responses specific to Covid-19
- Livelihoods response to specific communities
- Welfare and entitlement responses e.g. MGNREGA, PDS, Pension, DBTs and many others
- New initiatives cutting across these above themes and more including matters related to policies"
Eligibility: Participants can be representatives of NGOs, social movements, informal citizen groups, networks and individuals. Students / researchers / academics and funding organizations can also participate in collaboration with any of the organizations mentioned above.
Grant Amount: 10 selected submissions will be awarded Rs. 50,000 as a token of appreciation.
Apply by: April 30, 2021

Weblink: Azim Premji University